Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Aspiring Shadow...

My thirsty soul
Seeks to hold...
My heart my mind
My dense sense

All feel for you
Yearn for you 
All wait for you
Crave for you ..!!

Oh!! my aspiring shadow
Where are you??
I dwell I fell.. just for you!
I wander in search of you!

You stay with me
Still so away...
You follow me?
Or, followed by me?

I go through sky
To find your sight
Alas! I come back
Without your sign!

I move through clouds
Go through rain
I rove in pain
And roll in vain!

I shout aloud
To seek you out
I tear my flesh
To know your zest

Are you me?
Or, am I you?
Are you within me?
Or, am I within you?

- Varsha Singh