Monday, July 15, 2013

Book Review: Unlocked by Kevin Solomon Missal / Vamptasy Publishing

It is always a matter of great curiosity, when the young and blossoming writers start penning down the serious and gripping stories, with great literary merit. In this time of pop- fiction the fresh generation draws much towards writing down the "time-pass" novels, rather than the serious ones. 

Kevin Solomon Missal must be called a specie as rare as a Unicorn under the recent generation. Kevin is a sixteen year old boy studying at The Faith Academy in New Delhi. At the tender age of fourteen, he wrote his debut novel, Damien Black: The Battle of Lost Ages, which was a heroic fantasy, inspired by Greek mythology, 

Kevin's love and admiration for Greek myths took him towards writing another masterpiece. His second novel, "Unlocked" published by Vamptasy Publishing is a heroic fantasy dealing with the Greek Mythology in its backdrop. The story deals with topics such as friendship, love, betrayal, adventure, death and mystery - with all their complications until the end. 

Kevin knows the art of gripping with his story line, which enables him to make a successful venture in order to keep the readers stick to the text till the end. The lucid language is another strength of this novel. 

The characters are superbly placed under the narrative, as it becomes a challenge for the writer to manage the characters perfectly when it comes to play with the mythical figures and techniques. Kevin has almost been successful in recreating the essence of mythology in a fresh way. 

He gives an Ultramodern touch to the novel by adding the Ultramodern effects merging with fantasy and mythology. 

He found himself in a warm place as he entered Metatron's home. A laptop sat on table beside the soft upon which a Word document which was opened. 

"What are you typing?"

Siphon prodded

"I am Metatron, young lad. I am recording the creation."

His admission was unexpected. Siphon hadn't considered the fact that the scroll of creation was actually being written on a laptop instead of a long, large scroll. He couldn't understand that modernization not only reached mankind, but it had also reached angles and demons.He had seen many demons using cellphones, pagers, iPhone's, iPad's etc.

At the end, it would be better to say, that, under the flood of time pass novels, here is something serious, making itself a must read piece for all, especially the fantasy lover young readers.


  1. Nicely written book creates curiosity to read this book....

  2. Intriguing insight into the Postmodern turn of the wireless age of communication with semblance of an ancient narrative. The anachronism sounds quite intriguing even more as you have hinted in the review.
    I would like to read a synopsis of this book. Thanks for sharing, Varsha.

    1. My pleasure!
      Thanks for roving through the review.