Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Review: Shivam Singh’s Best Friends

By- Varsha Singh

24 years old aspiring author Shivam Singh impregnates much maturity than his real age.Through his debut novel Best Friends he proves that age has nothing to do with mature sensibility.

Beginning of this story keeps the readers in illusion of so-called regular mushy and love drenched filmy stories with lot of hot-chicks around the young boys pursuing Engineering, specifically around the protagonist and narrator of this novel, Yash Rajawat.

Yash is portrayed as a career oriented person who always desires for fame and success in his life. Being handsome, smart and rich; he lives lavishly in the heart of Hyderabad mostly with his friends and partially with his parents.

He is considered as a charmer, a guy who has dated almost all the adorable beauties around; for whom every next relationship is not be taken seriously rather it just remains  a matter of time pass. The only kinship essential for Yash was with his best friend, Ena. Surprisingly, they were not in a love relationship, but more than that; something more spiritual and eternal. In the words of Helen Keller “I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” Both of these friends prove to be the same. Ena and Yash are the craziest friends ever. They behaved and did craziest things altogether, from throwing pop-corns on a kissing couple in theatres, to getting barged out of a bar for kicking a guy for a stupid and funny reason, in fact for reasonless reason.

These friends shared an unbreakable bond with the urge of doing absolutely anything for each other. They were inseparable ones who could literally tear anyone who dared talking crap about the other.

But their destiny had something else in store for them. After one life-changing tragedy everything shatters in their lives.

“There comes a day in your life when you really wonder what wrong had you done that your life has taken such a sudden turn and everything has been torn apart. When I look back, I wonder how things have changed in my life in a matter of days. I lost a friend who meant the world to me. That one friend whom I cherished and treasured more than anything or anyone else……” – Yash

Must say, there is an astonishing surprise in the end of this story which makes a significant mark in the mind of readers.  The conclusion fills tears in the eyes of all… tears of happiness or sorrow? Explore yourself by reading this novel which speaks too much from the heart of best friends.

About the Author

Shivam Singh is an Honours Graduate in Mechanical Engineering and at present working as a Software Engineer at Infosys. Apart from his professional life he does modelling to fulfill his hobby. By choice he is an author. This book proves his dedication towards his writing. His name is also engaged with Salsa dance & swimming. In his leisure time he usually writes in fashion blogs and reviews books. He is also an expert in languages which is evident in his skills of eastern to western languages staring from Punjabi, Hindi to English, Spanish, French. Not only that he also belongs to a versatile family and plans to engage himself in International Business study. In his various embodiments, he has achieved success and surpassed in all possible ways of life. His first creation, this book is dedicated to his best friend.

Book : Best Friends
Author  : Shivam Singh
ISBN  : 978-93-83271-07-8
Price :  Rs. 270.00
Publishing Date: July 2013
Publisher: Power Publishers
Language:  English
Review in association with www.thebookaholics.in 

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