Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book Review: A Phase Unknown - Woman A Tribute

By - Varsha Singh

‘Women Empowerment’ is a phrase which has been floating around in the aura since quite some time. There are dozens of books based on the theme of strengthening the identity of women in society. Jane Austen in her novel Persuasion rendered really well, “I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures. None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives.” Most of the time, women are considered and expected to be the epitome of delicacy; which is not a universal truth.

A Phase Unknown- Woman A Tribute is a book very different from the works, previously published. It does not imitate or follows any earlier work. This book is a mélange of various young, aspiring and established writers, who are passionate about making a difference in world through their works which are sensitive as well as full of insights.

A venture initiated by Shreyasi Phukon, edited and compiled by Sharanya Bhattacharya and Nilesh Gowardhan includes the works of 17 contributors, including male and female authors/poets, differently. It is interesting to read about the feminine sensitivity through the aspects of both male and female authors. For the surprise of the readers, this book comprises various genres as, short stories, poems, letter, and few else which cannot be fitted into any particular genre.

A Phase Unknown makes a strengthening call by questioning, poeticizing and narrating various social stigmas revolving around in the social air regarding the identity of women. Such works are rare to find, as it requires great courage and creativity as well, to portray the lives of the beings, who are mostly considered ‘inconsiderable.’

This book is a tribute to all women who somehow mark a change in everyone’s life. Hope this enlightening initiative brings some change in the society, as the authors of this book try to obtain.

Title- A Phase Unknown – Woman a Tribute
Initiated by Shreyasi Phukon
Edited & Compiled by Sharanya Bhattacharya and Nilesh Gowardhan
Published by – Sanmati Publishers

Price- 120 Rupees 

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