Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bestow Me A Visage (Translated Nazm)

If you adore me by heart sweetheart,
keep me warm in your breaths
give your melody to my brinks,
give your brightness to my eyes,
give your prayer to my devotions,
liberate me from day-night fetters,
give your freshness to my terrain,
give some life to my faith,
crush me break me,
through soft soil of yours,
remake a face,
neither mine nor yours,
without the sorrowful tears,
the clouds and rain of happiness,
a ray, a chant and a life just
as if the time has stopped here,
a song behind any mountain,
like soft, sweet melody of flute,
like slow sprinkle in ambiance,
you keep gazing me,
I stay gazing you
life's entire journey,
from origin to end of world,
nothing has happened,
the eyes have uncurled. 

Translation of Jawaid Danish's Urdu Nazm "मुझे एक शक्ल दो" in English by Varsha Singh   

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