Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Love in Fantasy (Translation of Vimal Kumar's Poem)

Remain in fantasy

it's better

stay hanging alike moon in the sky

don't land on the earth

this aura will bite you

you will be in pain

your face, your colour will change

you will not remain the same

as you look in imagination

your beauty will dust off

paying fees for the kid

paying bills for water, power supply

moving by bus for office

you will get old

one day, you would be colourless

you will not recognize your own countenance 

in mirror 

That's why I beseech

to persist in fantasy

love from there

if you come here

love will finish as well

in this passage of domestication. 

(c) - Vimal Kumar's Hindi poem "Kalpana mein Prem" Translated by Varsha Singh as "Love in Fantasy"

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