Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"I Was Not Your Maiden Touch" (Translation of Jawaid Danish's Urdu Nazm "मैं के तेरा पहला लम्स नहीं था!")

I was not your maiden touch 
neither you my fragrance first ...
I was never your fortune
neither you my milestone,
Yet we are one life two bodies
entwined in our singularity
mates of journey solitary,

Fearless I am -
from Past present and future,
Trivial is -
fight of yesterday and morrow,
Destination, Aura, issues bygone
villainy reward, and heaven hell 
all are extant,
forgotten all fidelity betrayal
Love -a guileless passion,
for the sake of this passion
we move beyond the destination,
come, pause the wheel of time
to save a dream of us,

If you desire
make me write another song,
until redness wakes in my pen
I keep scribbling your name till then,
At times to gladden your heart
Sometimes to live elegantly
I write again,
You, the rain of my breathing
Me, the warmth of your brinks
brightened in my eyes are you
Me tangled in your heartbeats
My writings just live for you! 

-(c)Translated by Varsha Singh

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